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Wedding Album: At The Church

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding pictures are here! We are happy to finally some pictures from our big day on February 2nd. Because we have so many we want to share we've had to break them up in to two albums. This one contains pictures from the preparation for the ceremony and the ceremony it self. As I'm sure you can imagine this is just a sample of the hundreds of pictures we have. We think they are the best of the best! If any of you would like a digital copy of any of these photos please send us an email or use the Feedback Form at the bottom of this page. Please include the photo's number. You can find the photo number by clicking on the picture and looking in the lower left-hand corner.[more]

Wedding Album: Reception

Monday, March 11, 2013

What a party! What fun! Let's get married again! We had so much fun with all of our friends and family at our wedding reception. The speeches, Lego prizes, photo booth, dancing, and all the children made our reception a very special event for us. We hope you enjoy reliving a bit of that night through these photos and if you want a copy just email us or use the Feedback Form at the bottom of this page. Please include the photo numbers of the files you would like. To get the photo number click on the photo and look in the lower left-hand corner of the picture.[more]

Getting OS X Contacts Application To Include Spouses

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I decided to buy a label printer last year in preparation for a bunch of wedding mailings I was expecting to do and for Christmas cards. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible so I wanted to use the built in Contacts application in OS X (A.K.A. MacOS X), however, I ran in a a problem because by default Contacts will not include the spouses name in the first line of the address. After a little searching I discovered that Contacts (Address Book) used to do this and that the functionality can be restored by creating a plist file and putting it in the right location inside the Contacts application. Here are the steps I followed that worked for me. OS X Version 10.8.2In terminal do the ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

How To Use iPhone MOV Files With Gallery3

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yesterday my Dad sent me a few videos from our wedding and I wanted to get them into the Gallery3 albums I've been setting up. I struggled with getting the iPhone MOV files into the right format to work with Gallery3 and the Flow Player that it uses for video. I found several forums posts across the internet with bits of information that looked like they might help, but, in the end the solution was simple and right under my finger tips. Flow Player does not support MOV files so you must get them into an Adobe Flash supported format for Gallery3 to use them. I tried a few different methods of doing this conversion using non-Apple freeware and trials of commercial programs and was just about ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

The Honeymoon Begins!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here are a few pictures from the first few hours of our honeymoon. The trip started out with a broken luggage bin, which Delta kindly fixedwith tape to prevent a serious delay. Neither of us had ever been to Kona and we really felt like we had arrived at a tropical paradise when we deplaned via stairs, not a jet way, and walked into an open air terminal. Our adventure on the island began by renting a Jeep Wrangler. More to come![more]

Wedding Invitations are Mailed Out!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November was a very busy month for us. Eric was away in Turkey for work during the first half of the month, which led us to conduct much of our wedding planning over email. We finalized more details about the menu, the cake, the flowers, hotel, and finally, our invitations. We spent the weekend putting together the invites ... to be found in your mailboxes in the near future![more]

Engaged Encounter Weekend

Sunday, November 4, 2012

As a part of a preparation for a Catholic wedding, we attended an all-weekend retreat seminar in Federal Way, WA. Although premarital classes, such as the Engaged Encounter Weekend, is technically a requirement, we both thought it was a rich experience designed to prepare us for a lifetime of a successful marriage. It was a treat to get away and spend such concentrated time connecting with each other and sharing thoughts and feelings so important for our future. Although the weather was mostly chilly and rainy, the fall colors admixed with raindrops provided us a serene, reflective environment. Here is a picture of a heart-shaped leaf, glistening with morning raindrops, which we ... [There is more. Click on the title above.][more]

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